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About Rock and Roll Dad and
The MammaJammaz

Cool Music for Cool Kids on CD!!

Kids all over the globe will soon be singing along to the silly sensations of Rock & Roll Dad and the MammaJammaz! This brand new musical rock and roll group is bringing their fun and educational rock 'n' roll to children and parents of all ages on their debut CD Ready To Roll.

In this new millennium, kids love to turn the volume up and jam to their favorite rock and pop stars and music. But in a time when children are exposed to often age-inappropriate lyrics and music, Rock & Roll Dad and the MammaJammaz are the perfect alternative. It's rock 'n' roll with kid content, not adult content.

Songs like the multi-lingual opener "Hello", the ode to the sandwich "PB&J", the booty-bopping "Shake," the bug-biter "Busy Bee", the dreamy "Sunny Day Dream", and the "Imagination Song" will not only keep kids entertained, but educated as well.

It's no secret that kids love to shimmy and shake, so singer/guitarist Rob, aka Rock & Roll Dad, called up some very special musician friends to join him in creating some of the coolest music that kids will want to sing, dance and get silly to!

These very special friends include:

  • Lion and lead guitarist Logan LeRoi – Logan comes from San Francisco. When he's not jammin' on the guitar, he likes to read, finger paint and play more guitar! Especially before bedtime.
  • Horse bassist Ian "the Punk Rock Horse" – Ian hails from Birmingham, England, and likes to eat Punk pizza (his own special recipe), drive go-karts, and build things that he can knock down.
  • Rabbit drummer Bun E. Lee – Bun E. is a bona fide L.A. rabbit, as his pastimes include surfing, skateboarding and riding bikes.
  • Bear keyboardist/percussionist Ramona Holiday – Ramona comes from the Big Apple, and when she's not jammin', she likes to go to birthday parties (especially her own), and she likes jumping and spinning (which she does a lot of on stage).

Rock & Roll Dad and the MammaJammaz will be touring Chicagoland in the near future. Look for their first video also to be released soon.

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Rock and Roll Dad News

2008 shows at Pottery Barn!: Chicago, Skokie, OakBrook (all Illinois), and Wauwatosa, WI

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